Welcome to
Adega Grill
Rooftop Lounge

Our unique outdoor oasis in the heart of the Newark Ironbound 

Discover Adega Rooftop Lounge’s urban oasis high above the bustling streets of Newark's historic Ironbound district. Adega’s Rooftop Lounge is the ultimate destination for those seeking a New York City rooftop experience in New Jersey! Nestled in the center of the Ironbound’s vibrant Portuguese neighborhood, Adega Rooftop Lounge offers a unique blend of cosmopolitan flair, local charm and craft made cocktails.

Wonderful Experience 

Perched above the streets of the Ironbound's, Adega Rooftop Lounge boasts a fabulous ambiance. When the sun starts to set,  the magic of Adega’s nightlife begins.  Adega’s Rooftop Lounge is a perfect place to enjoy cocktails with family, friends and business associates.  It’s truly a special place to enjoy a perfect night out and have a great cocktail. There is nothing quite like Adega’s rooftop lounge anywhere else in New Jersey.

Exciting Cocktails  

At Adega Rooftop Lounge, we take craft cocktails to new heights. Our talented bartenders create fabulous cocktails that are both artful and delicious. Choose the perfect bottle from our extensive selection of wines. We offer a wide variety of beer, and premium liquor as well as nonalcoholic mocktails.  It’s time to sit back and enjoy the evening.

Sleek and Stylish Atmosphere 

The Adega Rooftop Lounge is both a classy and contemporary rooftop that combines relaxed comfort with city sophistication. Relaxing an enjoy.  We like to boast our New York City rooftop experience right here in the Ironbound! 

Select Private Events 

Looking to host a really special event or celebration? Adega Rooftop Lounge is the ideal unique venue for a select few private gatherings, corporate events, small intimate weddings and parties and celebrations.  Adega Rooftop has limited availability for private events.  Contact us to see if your event date is available.  As with all Adega hosted private events, we want to create a truly unique and extraordinary experience. 

Whether you're a local looking for a new favorite spot or a visitor exploring Newark's rich culture, Ironbound Sky Lounge invites you to experience the city from a new perspective. Join us for a night under the stars and let us elevate your rooftop experience.